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Welcome to UNCG! Your college experience here at the G is the beginning of an incredible new journey, and we are thrilled to help you get started!

To begin your college journey, we created a unique experience just for you! 1GNITE and NAV1GATE are special days for every new student coming to UNCG, including incoming freshmen and transfer students, designed to help you get to know the people, ideas, and opportunities that await you during your time here. These events are set aside entirely for you – our newest Spartans — to be inspired about your college career and to get serious about the path ahead.

You will hear from our chancellor, Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr., and connect with faculty, staff, student leaders, and your peers, who will show you the resources and support systems available to help you have a successful first year. You will participate in Spartan traditions to mark the beginning of your college career. And while the day is designed to prepare you for the academic experience ahead, you’ll also have fun with your new friends and our welcoming faculty and staff. Your future is unlimited when you know how to NAV1GATE your journey.

1GNITE and NAV1GATE are required for all new first-year students. Be sure you are checking your UNCG email for more details and follow us on social media @ uncg_yfy for information and updates. Download the UNCG mobile app now since you will scan throughout the day to count as attended. FREE parking for commuters will be in Walker Deck both days.


Sunday, August 14

  • Take your official class photo in the gray t-shirt you received at SOAR
  • Pick up your swag bag and free t-shirt to wear for NAV1GATE
  • Celebrate at the Blue and Gold Bash



Monday, August 15

  • Chancellor’s Welcome and Convocation Celebration of new Spartans
  • GPS and Deans Welcome to get ready for your first day of class!
  • Alumni and Traditions Walk
  • Lunch at the Kaplan Convocation Craze



August 12 - September 2


When are 1GNITE and NAV1GATE?

  • 1GNITE is Sunday August 14, and NAV1GATE is Monday August 15.

What is 1GNITE

  • 1GNITE kicks off the fun with your class photo and swag bag pick up

What is NAV1GATE?

  • NAV1GATE is our New Student Convocation.  During NAV1GATE you will get to learn more about UNCG, hear from faculty members, learn some tips to be successful on the first day of class, and meet new friends! NAV1GATE is a full-day program.

Where and how do I check in for NAV1GATE?

  • You will check in to NAV1GATE using the UNCG Mobile App. Make sure to download it to your phone, and log in with your UNCG information before August!

What do I wear to 1GNITE?

  • Wear the gray t-shirt you received during SOAR for the class photo.

What do I wear to NAV1GATE?

  • Wear your NAV1GATE t-shirt you pick up at 1GNITE.

Will there be food at NAV1GATE?

  • Yes! You will eat lunch at the Kaplan Convocation Craze.

Are first-year students required to attend 1GNITE and NAV1GATE?

  • Yes, all incoming first-year students are required to attend 1GNITE and NAV1GATE!

Will I get free swag?

  • YES! You will get lots of free swag including a t-shirt, rally rag, and more! We’ll let some of it be a surprise.

When will I receive my YFY Success Planner?

  • You will receive your YFY Success Planner at 1GNITE. This success planner has helpful UNCG information as well as a 2022-2023 calendar planner.


Check out this link for the Top 10 Spartan Traditions!


The University Seal: The seal featuring the head of Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, was first seen in 1894 on a State Normal and Industrial School diploma. The current seal was created in 1963 when Woman’s College became UNCG.

Class Colors: Historically, classes had colors that rotated red, lavender, blue, and green every four years. When class governments were abolished in 1970, this tradition became less notable. However, these colors are still used by the Alumni Association on special occasions.

University and Academic Program Colors: The original school colors were gold and white representing the school flower. The color navy was added in 1987. Each academic program  has its own color and the NAV1GATE shirt that each student receives matches the color of their academic college. Here are the colors of each college:


  • Bryan School of Business and Economics -  brown
  • College of Arts and Sciences - yellow
  • College of Visual and Performing Arts - pink 
  • Exploratory - gray
  • School of Nursing - orange
  • School of Education - light blue 
  • School of Health and Human Sciences - green 


University Motto: “Service.” This motto was adopted by the Alumnae Association in 1893.

University Mascot:  The athletic teams officially adopted the Spartan at UNCG in 1967. Men's athletic teams, which were in their formative stages then, originally took on the nickname, and women's teams soon followed. The Spartan is a symbol that embraces the University's history and one of its original marks, the greek statue Minerva which is still part of the University logo today. The new Spartan mascot was unveiled in the fall of 2004 and given a refresh in 2019 to the image we know and love today. In the fall of 2011, the Athletics Department conducted a fan contest to officially name the Spartan. "Spiro," the Greek word for spirit, was the official winner. In addition to providing spirit and excitement to Spartan sports venues, Spiro can be found at numerous events around the campus and in the Greensboro community.

School Flower: The daisy was chosen as the school flower by the Class of 1893. During NAV1GATE, each student is given a daisy during the Alumni and Traditions Walk to place in the daisy chain fence outside of the alumni house.  

Alumni House: ​​The Alumni House is your home on UNCG’s campus. Built in 1937, the House was beautifully restored and renovated in 2021 and has played host to countless events including weddings, receptions, meetings, and more.

University Bell: The University Bell first sounded the opening of the State Normal and Industrial School in October 1892. For forty years, it rang to mark significant occasions, including a fire in the old Brick Dorm. It was replaced by electric bells in 1938 and was stored until 1953 when it was mounted at the corner of College Avenue and Spring Garden Street by the Class of 1923. In 1967, the student body financed a permanent arch and landscaping for the bell which is now known as Anniversary Plaza. The bell was taken from this spot for restoration in 1987 and was mounted on a rolling frame. It is used for University celebrations such as commencement. The Vacc Bell Tower now occupies the space that formerly housed the arch.

University Flag: The University Flag bears the University colors and features the University seal. It was designed and introduced for the installation of Chancellor Patricia Sullivan in 1995.


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