FYE Instructors


of FYE Instructors believe they benefit from serving in this role


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FYE Instructors are UNCG faculty, staff, and graduate assistants that teach FYE 101: Succeed at the G. FYE 101: Succeed at the G is a 3-credit, Minerva’s Academic Curriculum (MAC) Foundations course designed to help new students transition successfully to academic and student life. FYE Instructors are committed to the success of our new students, serving as educators, resources, and representatives for UNCG. Working closely with their Peer Academic Leader (PAL), FYE Instructors strive to create lasting connections and impactful learning experiences for their students.

FYE Instructors support new students in a variety of ways. From facilitating meaningful class discussions to connecting their students to resources across campus, FYE Instructors help new students find their way and establish a sense of belonging here at UNC Greensboro.

FYE Instructors take on responsibilities both inside and outside of the classroom. The time commitment may fluctuate based on the week, but FYE Instructors can expect the following responsibilities:

  • Teaching and facilitating class for up to three hours a week
  • Lesson planning and preparing for class
  • Grading assignments and providing timely and appropriate feedback
  • Providing ongoing student support by answering emails, meeting with them outside of class, etc.
  • Supporting and mentoring your PAL
  • Actively engaging and learning with your fellow FYE Instructors through ongoing development opportunities

FYE Instructors are expected to partake in the following professional development opportunities:

  • FYE Instructor Pre-Institute (new FYE Instructors only)
  • FYE Instructor and PAL Meet and Greet
  • FYE Instructor Institute
  • FYE Instructor Fall Kick-Off
  • Weekly 1 hour meetings with their PAL
  • Bi-weekly professional development with FYE Instructors
    • While FYE Instructors are welcome to attend all bi-weekly developments, they are required to attend at least one per month

In addition to the commitments for all FYE Instructors above, FYE Instructors currently pursuing a graduate degree are also expected to participate in:

  • Graduate School Teaching Assistant Training to be completed prior to August
  • Class observation with the FYE Team 1-2 times throughout the fall semester
  • Shadowing at least one class session of another FYE instructor
  • Participation in FYE Instructor mentoring program
  • Bi-weekly meetings with fellow FYE Instructors pursuing a graduate degree
  • FYE Instructors pursuing a graduate degree are required to attend all of the bi-weekly FYE Instructor developments listed above

FYE Instructors benefit by engaging in the following aspects of their position:

  • Teach a thought-provoking curriculum that furthers student growth
  • Facilitate classroom conversations about important topics
  • Engage in direct student contact through classroom instruction & 1-on-1 meetings
  • Mentor a Peer Academic Leader
  • Stay connected to the student experience by developing relationships with new undergraduate students 
  • Engage in bi-weekly professional development opportunities 
  • Build a community of learners with campus colleagues
  • Develop an awareness & understanding of first-year students & classroom dynamics that can be brought back to their department
  • Plus… a $2,400 – $3,500 stipend!*

*Compensation varies and is provided based on your academic qualifications and your section of FYE 101: Succeed at the G. Please contact Emily Wiersma, Director of First Year Experience, at e_wiersm@uncg.edu for more information.

We welcome anyone who is interested in serving as an FYE Instructor to apply; however, we do have a standard set of qualifications for this position:

If you are a UNC Greensboro staff or faculty member interested in becoming an FYE Instructor, below are the requirements for consideration. 

  • Full-time employment status
  • 18 graduate credit hours completed by the time of instruction 
  • Approval from your direct supervisor

If you are a UNC Greensboro graduate student interested in becoming an FYE Instructor, below are the requirements for consideration:

  • 18 graduate credit hours completed by the time of instruction 
  • Approval from a direct supervisor, if holding a graduate assistantship or teaching assistant position

If you are a graduate student interested in being an FYE Instructor but do not meet all of the requirements above, please contact Emily Wiersma, Director of First Year Experience, at e_wiersm@uncg.edu about the possibility of serving as a co-instructor.

Thank you for your interest in the role.  Please contact Emily Wiersma, Director of First Year Experience, at e_wiersm@uncg.edu if you have any questions about the position.