Adyera Robinson

Name: Adyera Robinson

Hometown: Apex, NC

Major: Professions In Deafness (Interpreter Concentration)

School: School of Education

Anticipated Graduation: Fall 2022

Pronouns: she/her

“I have made many connections with students! From people in my major/minor to those I met going to random student events, I’ve met some pretty cool people here. When you first move on campus, it can be a lonely experience, especially if you go with no prior connections. But having a community is so important and it’s nice to have people by your side to go through college with. I’ve even run into people I went to high school and even middle school with just going to club meetings and walking around campus, you never know who’s here!”

Adyera stayed on track! While at Liberty University, Adyera confirmed how her credits would transfer to UNCG. When she began at UNCG as a sophomore, she took placement tests to ensure she started in the right classes and will graduate on time. Majoring in professions in deafness through the School of Education challenges Adyera in a positive way and prepares her for her future career. Adyera also utilized campus resources when she came to UNCG – she became heavily involved in the Academic Achievement Center where she learned invaluable academic skills to help her succeed in her coursework and beyond. Adyera knows she made the right choice to transfer to UNCG!

Serena Crosby Brown

Name: Serena Crosby-Brown

Hometown: Kernersville, NC

Major: Human Development and Family Studies

School: School of Health and Human Sciences

Anticipated Graduation: May 2022

Pronouns: she/her/hers

“I have made amazing connections with both faculty and staff members in just the short time I’ve been at UNCG. There are jobs on campus that I would have never applied to unless I was pushed by my FYE 101: Succeed at the G instructor. I’m so grateful to her because now I work as a Spartan Guide and I absolutely LOVE IT!! Without this campus involvement I don’t think I would love going to UNCG as much as I do now.”

Serena found connection and meaning! With the encouragement of her FYE 101: Succeed at the G instructor, Serena became a Spartan Guide to get involved on campus. As a result, she met one of her best friends, expanded her friend group, and has a greater appreciation for her job. Serena’s friends provide support and allow her to have a deeper understanding of her personal growth and her future goals. She knows that campus involvement has helped her explore her passions while making new connections!


Shirin Mohammad Alhroob

Name: Shirin Mohammad Alhroob

Hometown: Lewisville , NC

Major: Information Systems and Supply Chain Management 

School: Bryan School of Business and Economics 

Anticipated Graduation: May 2023

Pronouns: she/her/hers

“I started this fall in a new role as a cyber security researcher at UNCG. I chose the field of IT because of my natural interest in computers. I believe this field would enable me to provide a secure future. I am passionate about technology because it is about building better tools. I am good at programming, but I would say I am more passionate about solving problems.”

Shirin has achieved her goals and found connection! She came to UNCG from Forsyth Technical Community College to study information systems and supply chain management so she could continue pursuing her passions of technology and solving problems. In her role as a cyber security researcher she is able to connect her classwork to real experience and prepare her for the future. Shirin will be attending graduate school at the Bryan School of Business & Economics beginning next fall and thanks her advisor Adam Landreth for helping her understand which program would be best for her! Shirin also participates in the Silver Leadership program and has found support through her coach, George Vinson. He has made her feel like part of the UNCG community as a student and has provided continuous support and guidance.

Zavia Dickerson

Name: Zavia Dickerson

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Major: Human Development and Family Studies

School: School of Health and Human Sciences

Anticipated Graduation: December 2022

Pronouns: she/her/hers

“Dr. Coard is one of my favorite professors because she always is willing to hear us out when we have questions and concerns. There have been times where we may have been in the wrong about an assignment but she was there to listen. Our discussions are the best part of class. She encourages us to share stories or state any comments relating to the unit, and I love that she makes us all feel so safe to share such personal things about ourselves.”

Zavia found connections while juggling academic and professional responsibilities! Transferring directly from a 4-year institution, Zavia joined the UNCG community to study human development and family studies. She loves her major in part due to Dr. Coard, who Zavia said is one of the best professors she has had at UNCG because Dr. Coard is always willing to listen to student stories, questions, or concerns. She also found her place in the New Student Transitions & First Year Experience department where she serves as a first year assistant helping plan programs that serve new first-year and transfer students. Zavia really appreciates the relationship she has formed with her supervisors  because they make her feel understood and cared for as a student. Working in the office has also connected her to many peers who she now considers friends.