Your First Year Success Series

The Your First Year Success Series offers co-curricular programs and events for students to develop a strong foundation for academic and personal success during their first year at UNCG.

By participating in the YFY Success Series programs, you will learn and develop:
  • Academic skills such as time management, note taking, study skills, and test taking strategies.
  • Personal purpose and practical skills such as career exploration and communication skills.
  • A sense of belonging and Spartan Pride by exploring all of the many resources available to help you succeed inside and outside of the classroom at UNCG.

First Year Success Series Certificate

Any current first-year or transfer student who attends at least 5 programs in the YFY Success Series will be eligible for a First Year Success Certificate from YFY. This certificate will help you demonstrate all of the skills that you will gain through the success series on your resume. You will receive:
  • Letter to your Dean about your accomplishment
  • Your name posted to our webpage
  • A printed Certificate of Success

Meet Our YFY Success Series Winners

Fatima Galvan-Ruiz

First-Year Student
Lloyd International Honors College, Corazon Folkorico, ALPFA

“The most valuable thing I have learned from the YFY Success Series is to explore and learn about what UNCG has to offer to students. It is important to understand, because we go to school here, all the different resources and academic support we have at our hands. It may be hard to ask for help, but UNCG wants to see us succeed, they want to help us.”

Emanuel Smith

Second-Year Student
Lloyd International Honors College, SOS, Spartan Guide

“The YFY success series helped me a lot with transitioning from virtual high school to in-person learning. It helped strengthen skills needed to be successful in college like studying, note taking, and memory.”

Zainab Adamou-Mohamed

First-Year Student
Lloyd International Honors College, Muslim Students Association Co-Creative Director

“The YFY Success Series has helped me feel so much more prepared during my first year at UNCG. I gained several tools and contacts that helped me to succeed on an academic, professional, and personal level.”

Grace Jinks

First-Year Student
YFY Success Series Winner

“The most valuable thing that I have learned from the YFY Success Series is that I am not alone and that if I need help finding the right resources I can reach out and ask for help from the resources that are set up to help first year students.”

Fall 2023
Event Schedule


YFY Success Series: Scavenger Hunt at Fall Kickoff

All day Tuesday, August 15

Outside, College Avenue

Start your First Year Success Journey with Your First Year and the Office of Intercultural Engagement!  Stop by the YFY table at Fall Kickoff to start your journey into academic and cultural success at UNCG by visiting our partnered Fall Kickoff tables. Visit all the tables and you may win a prize!

Time Management

Tuesday, August 22 from 11 – 11:50 a.m.

Jackson Library

Hosted by the YFY Team

An event hosted by the YFY team and the Academic Achievement Center in which students can gain knowledge and insight into how to manage their time for a successful academic year.


Wednesday, August 24 from 2 – 2:50 p.m.

Jackson Library

Hosted by the YFY Team

An event hosted by the YFY team and the Academic Achievement Center. Students will learn how to take notes that will help them be successful throughout their academic career here at UNCG. Come join us and learn how to be the most successful you can!


Wednesday, August 30 from 3-5 p.m.

EUC Dail 

Hosted by ACE

Want to make new friends and be creative? Join us for our Paint ‘n’ Switch event with ACE. Come get your creativity onto a canvas with a twist! Throughout this engaging event your canvas will get passed to new friends, creating new connections and art through friendship. RSVP is required to attend; RSVP can be done via Spartan Connect.