Faculty & Staff Resources

New Student Transitions & First Year Experience is committed to providing a comprehensive and collaborative approach to ensure the success and retention of our new students. Initiatives are focused on: helping students explore and connect with UNC Greensboro’s many people, programs, and resources; developing a strong foundational support system to aid in their academic and personal success; and cultivating a sense of affinity and pride for UNCG.

To support faculty, staff, and graduate or undergraduate students who teach and/or work to support our first-year students, New Student Transitions & First Year Experience is also involved with the following:

  1. Assessing current and recommending new first-year retention initiatives.
  2. Overseeing and coordinating first-year retention initiatives within specific academic or support areas. All units of the university will be expected to work with the committee in the development and implementation of first-year retention initiatives.
  3. Monitoring progress toward first-year retention goals and participation of academic units/departments across campus.
  4. Considering ways to create a seamless hand-off to sophomore year retention efforts to improve overall persistence.
  5. Developing baseline measures and a timeline for future first-year retention initiatives, within an assessment framework.

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