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Resources for Academic Success

UNCG is committed to student success and provides programs and services that will support students as they grow personally and academically. It is important that students be aware and take advantage of the services that UNCG has to offer. Some of the programs and services designed to assist students are listed below.

We have gathered together the most frequently asked questions about SOAR and answered them all in one place.

Reserving Your Spot at SOAR

  • Where do I go to reserve a place at SOAR?
  • Why can’t I see a specific date for SOAR?
    • Sessions are divided by College or School. You will only see SOAR dates that pertain to your major.
    • If you see no dates for SOAR and Reservations are open you may need to check your steps to enrollment and confirm your intent to enroll. Or you may not need to attend SOAR, only new first-time transfers and new first-time freshman including international students are required to attend SOAR.
    • If a SOAR session is full it will disappear from the list.
  • Is it better to register for earlier SOAR sessions?
    • It is best to register for the earliest SOAR session you can attend so that you will have time to prepare for classes and look into getting involved on campus.
    • Getting an earlier SOAR session will help with getting the class times you want. However, you will still get the classes you need regardless of which SOAR session you attend.
  • Can I bring guests to SOAR?
    • Yes, the cost of one guest to attend is included in the freshmen new student fee.
    • You will need to register all guests through your SpartanLink account. Space is limited, register guests as soon as possible.
    • Additional guests require an additional fee. Additional fees must be paid before the deadline through SpartanLink. Fees can be paid on-site during SOAR check-in but at an increased rate.
  • Can I change my SOAR reservation?
    • Yes, you can make changes to your SOAR session through your SpartanLink account up to the day before your reservation. If you missed your scheduled session you will have to cancel your session and register for a new session as the SpartanLink system will not allow you to change a session that has passed.
  • Can I change my major before SOAR?
    • Yes, when you are choosing your SOAR session in SpartanLink it will ask if you would like to change your major. Once you indicate that you would like to change you will be able to select your new major from a drop-down list.

Before You SOAR

  • I’ve made my SOAR reservation, now what?
    • Fill out your immunization forms, which can be found on the student health center website. You can submit those electronically to Student Health Services.
    • You will need to activate your computer accounts to get your UNC Greensboro username and email. you can find more information on activating your computer accounts on the information technology services website
    • You will need your official transcripts sent to the registrar’s office before you register for classes.
    • Schedule a Campus Tour so you’ll know your way around campus.
    • Complete your Class Schedule Interest Survey or CSI in the New Student Portal so your advisors can better help you register for classes.
    • Send in a photo to SpartanCard to speed up getting your ID. You will have time to pick up your SpartanCard during SOAR.
  • Where am I going for SOAR?
    • Check your UNCG email prior to your SOAR session with information about the schedule.

Paying for SOAR

  • What does the new student fee include?
    • The new student fee covers all of the cost of SOAR. This includes all of the student family SOAR. It also covers all first-year events such as Rawkin’ Welcome Week, NAV1GATE, and more.
  • I want to bring a guest will there be a charge for them to attend?
    • Yes, the cost of guests to attend is not included in the new student fee.
    • You will need to sign-up all guests in the New Student Portal. Space is limited, register guests as soon as possible.

What Happens at SOAR

  • At SOAR you will meet other new students and learn about campus resources to help you feel prepared to make a successful transition to college. SOAR sessions are offered in June.
  • Do I need to stay for the entire duration of SOAR?
    • Students are required to stay for the entire program.
    • If an emergency occurs that prevents you from finishing your SOAR session please notify a member of SOAR staff.
    • Parents/family are not required to stay for the entire duration; however, it is strongly encouraged.

Will Students and Parents/Family be Together Throughout the Duration of SOAR?

  • Students and parents/family have separate programs throughout SOAR.
  • This gives parents/family the information they need while giving students the opportunity to experience campus on their own.
  • Students and parents/family will have to opportunity to reconnect throughout SOAR during a few programs and during meals.

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