UNCG students start building their Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) early.

The CCT is an online document reflecting your out-of-classroom experiences at UNCG. YFY challenges you to complete the minimum requirements for the CCT by the end of your first year!

How do I learn more about SpartanConnect?

How do I access my CCT in SpartanConnect?

Why Should I Care?

Everyone goes to college for various reasons. However, we can bet that most students want to get a good job after graduation. If that applies to you, building your Co-Curricular Transcript is a must! Employers don’t just want you to talk about your skills, but rather SHOW concrete examples of the things you’ve learned or done in college. The CCT allows you to include accomplishments you have done outside of the classroom as a supplement to your resume. When you are sitting in an interview and an employer wants you to give an example of a time you demonstrated leadership, you are prepared with your CCT toolkit!

CCT Domains:
  • Intercultural and Global Understanding
  • Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility
  • Leadership and Ethical Development
  • Career, Professional, and Financial Development
  • Interpersonal Skill and Intrapersonal Competence
  • Health and Wellness (Physical, Mental, Emotional)
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Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

- John F. Kennedy

Learning does not occur in a vacuum.

- Unknown

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