students heading towards the EUC during SOAR

SOAR For First-Year Students

June SOAR Reservations Are Now Open!

We are excited to welcome you to UNCG and help get you started on your college journey! Spartan Orientation, Advising & Registration (SOAR) is a required program offered throughout the month of June for all new UNCG students starting in the fall semester.

Make Your SOAR Reservations


  • Log in to the New Student Portal and be sure to use your UNCG username and password.  Your UNCG username and email address are very similar so they are easy to mix up:
    Username: smith
  • Complete the Class Schedule Interest (CSI) Survey in the New Student Portal.
  • Make your SOAR reservation and select the session you’d like to attend from the available options.  Students attend SOAR based on their major’s corresponding College or School.  Not sure which School your major falls under?  Click here to view a complete list.
  • Students must make reservations for all guests, and there is a maximum of two guests allowed.  Guests who do not have a reservation must make one and pay on-site. Click here for a list of available hotels offering SOAR rates.
  • Students will need to confirm their intent to enroll by midnight on May 2, 2023 to avoid their SOAR reservation being cancelled.

When you are ready to register, click the following link to enter the New Student Portal:

New Student Fee

New Student Fee for First-Year Students: $254

All new students pay the UNCG New Student Fee. This one-time Fee covers many programs for new students, including SOAR, NAV1GATE, Rawkin’ Welcome Weeks, Your First Year, and more!
Students do not need to pay the New Student Fee directly; it will be included in your Fall student bill, and cannot be waived.
The New Student Fee is still applicable if:

  • You attend SOAR, but decide not to attend UNCG.
  • You do not attend SOAR, but do attend UNCG.

Parking, Meals,
and Overnight Stay

  • FREE parking will be available in the Walker Avenue parking deck.
  • 3 meals are provided during SOAR for First-Year students: lunch and dinner on day one, and breakfast on day two.
  • All first-year students are required to stay on campus overnight in SOAR housing.  There are no overnight accommodations for parent and family members.  If you need to book local accommodations for your SOAR session, please visit the link below to see our curated list of hotels offering SOAR rates.
  • More information about parking, meals, and accommodations will be emailed to students and guests with reservations closer to your session date.

Take Care of These Items Before SOAR!

Your first step should be to log into iSpartan, using your UNCG email and password.  From here, you can access your UNCG email, UNCGenie, and many other services you will need as a student.

  • All official communication from UNCG to students is sent to their UNCG email – be sure to check yours daily.
  • UNCGenie is the main student information dashboard for everything related to UNCG; follow the “login with iSpartan” link and use your UNCG username and password if prompted.

For more information about the types of accounts required and other IT information, visit the 6TECH Knowledge Base website.

UNCG’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will help you apply, understand, and maximize the potential of their eligible awarded aid.

Apply for financial aid today by filing your FAFSA!

Get familiar with our housing options, apply for on-campus housing, and review the housing application process through UNCG’s HRL website.

From here you can also access Artemis, UNCG’s Housing Portal for students to apply, change rooms, or check their current housing status.  You will use your UNCG username and password to log in.

Submit a photo for your SpartanCard online, using the SpartanCard Center’s PhotoLink web app!

Follow the link above, read all photo submission guidelines, and then at the bottom of the page, click on either Campus, Distance, or Employee to be taken to your PhotoLink login page.

You will log in with your UNCG student username and password.

The UNCG Immunizations office is located on the second floor of the Anna M. Gove Student Health Center, and is open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Immunization forms need to be submitted at or before your SOAR session, and can be found and downloaded at the link above, on the Student Health Services website.

Every student is required to complete a W9S Tax Form and submit to the Cashiers Office.  This can be done online through UNCGenie, in the Cashier’s Office Document Upload section.  For complete instructions, see the top of the Form W-9S in the link above.

As an incoming student, be sure to verify with your high school and/or current college to confirm that an official copy of your academic transcript(s) has been sent to the UNCG Registrar’s Office.
If you need to send a transcript electronically, you can do so through the National Student Clearinghouse.

If you are taking 6 or more campus credit hours, you must submit proof of creditable health insurance, or purchase a plan through Student Blue, which is billed to your UNCG student account.

The Office of Accessibility Resources & Services (OARS) provides, coordinates, and advocates for services which enable students with disabilities to receive equal access to a college education, and to all aspects of university life.


SOAR Session Dates

Students attend SOAR based on the College or School their major falls under.  To find your College or School, click here to search for your major – that major’s College or School will be listed underneath it. Or, for a complete list of majors and their corresponding Colleges or Schools, Click Here.

College of Arts & Sciences, College of Visual & Performing Arts, and Exploratory majors:

Session #1: Thursday, June 1 – Friday, June 2
Session #3: Thursday, June 8 – Friday, June 9
Session #4: Monday, June 12 – Tuesday, June 13
Session #6: Tuesday, June 20 – Wednesday, June 21
Session #8: Monday, June 26 – Tuesday, June 27

Bryan School of Business & Economics, School of Education, School of Health & Human Sciences, and School of Nursing majors:

Session #2: Monday, June 5 – Tuesday, June  6
Session #5: Wednesday, June 14 – Thursday, June 15
Session #7: Thursday, June 22 – Friday, June 23
Session #9: Thursday, June 29 – Friday, June 30

Academic Advising

As an incoming first-year student, you will be pre-registered for your Fall 2023 semester classes by your Academic Advising Center based on the information you provide on the Class Schedule Interest Survey (CSI).  There are three steps for your SOAR reservation process:

  1. Complete the Class Schedule Interest (CSI) Survey.
  2. Make your Spartan Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR) reservation.
  3. Confirm your intent to enroll.

All three steps can be done in the New Student Portal.

Foreign Language Placement Evaluations

If you have studied French, German, or Spanish in high school, please register for and complete the Additional Language Placement Diagnostic before your SOAR session.

After clicking this link, you will need to:

  • Set up an account using your new UNCG student ID number, email address (preferably your UNCG email), and a password of your choosing
  • Select the language you plan to study
  • Complete the pre-test survey
  • Then begin the test

The diagnostic is fully online, will take 15-30 minutes to complete, and is multiple choice (no listening or speaking involved).

Your advisor will help you understand what your score means, and how to use that information in shaping your Fall 2023 schedule. For more information on the value of studying a language and the purpose of the diagnostic, visit the webpage for Languages, Literature and Cultures.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Math Placement Evaluation

Depending on your major, you may need to take the UNCG Calculus Readiness Diagnostic. You have two attempts to complete the Diagnostic. You should take your first attempt as soon as possible (ideally before your SOAR session).

The deadline to complete your second attempt is July 15, 2023.
To access the Diagnostic:

  1. Visit the MathStats website.
  2. Click the “Registration for the Calculus Readiness Diagnostic” link on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. The diagnostic will be added as a course to your Canvas Page.  You will need your iSpartan username and password to log in.

Once you are logged into Canvas, click on the Calculus Readiness Diagnostic, where you’ll find resources to help you prepare as well as the link to take the Diagnostic.

SOAR Resources

You can find all SOAR-related materials and resources listed at the link below.

After SOAR

UNCG is committed to student success and provides programs and services that will support students as they grow personally and academically. It is important that students be aware and take advantage of the services that UNCG has to offer. Some of the programs and services designed to assist students are listed below.