New Student Transition & First Year Experience is dedicated to providing first-year students experiences that help them better understand how to navigate UNCG, the college experience, and develop the skills and connections required to excel in and out of the classroom.

Faculty and staff members across campus contribute to this mission and help first-year students find academic and personal success. To recognize these faculty and staff, the Outstanding First Year Student Advocate Award will be presented annually to the winning nominee.

Recognizing and Celebrating Efforts

The Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate Award recognizes and celebrates the efforts and significant contributions of UNCG faculty and staff who provide leadership in creating a positive transition to college and successful learning environment for first-year students.

Student Success Awards Nominations
Due November 8, 2019

The award is open to any full-time or part-time UNCG faculty or staff member.

Primary nominator—normally a supervisor or peer who has worked closely with the nominee. Will:

  • Complete the online nomination form which includes:
    • A description of the nominee’s efforts and attributes that make them an advocate for first-year students
    • Evidence of the impact of efforts on first-year students and
    • Evidence of the impact on the culture of the institution
    • At least one supporting letter of nomination from colleagues or students
    • Additional supporting materials (e.g., pamphlets, program materials, videotapes, annual reports) that help the selection committee better understand the scope and impact of efforts.
  • Evidence that contributions are significant, at either the departmental, unit, or campus level, in contributing to a positive environment for first-year students;
  • Evidence that contributions are sustainable over time;
  • Evidence that contributions are innovative and demonstrate best practice;
  • Evidence of dissemination of information about program, technique, or curricular innovation (e.g., presentations, publications, products);
  • Documented assessment of the impact on student learning, student satisfaction, or student persistence and retention.
  • Successful transition of first year students to UNCG;
  • Providing resources and/or support to assist first-year students;
  • Helping students to achieve academic and/or personal success;
  • Promoting a welcoming campus environment;
  • Exhibiting a positive attitude that fosters a positive first-year experience.